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Discover Porcelain Slab for Your Toronto Home Design Project

Home is where we go to relax at the end of a long day; but really, isn’t it so much more than that? Our homes are gathering places for friends and family to share good meals, good times, and good memories – and with our space being such a hub of activity for the people we care most about, why wouldn’t we want to put our best foot forward when it comes to expressing our style?
A big problem people have with making investments in higher-end products is the concern that over time these items lose their lustre or appeal and the money appears to be foolishly spent. Beautiful new dishes are only lovely until they fall on the floor, a fabulous new appliance is only good until the cat eats the electrical cord, and designer furniture is lovely until a family pet claims it as its bed. An investment in a top-quality porcelain slab in Toronto, however, is a very different story.

Stayin’ Alive

While traditional materials such as linoleum and wood have done their job in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom for generations, the unfortunate truth is that every passing day brings another day of aging to the products, eventually leaving them worn, faded, and obsolete. Wood cabinets and flooring may serve their purpose for a long time, but, when it comes to presentation, they will fall flat pretty quickly. A single leaky pipe in the kitchen can turn cabinets and floors into warped obstacle courses. Choosing a stone such as porcelain, granite, or marble allows your room to look as bright and vibrant as the day it was installed without falling victim to costly replacements.

The Porcelain Promise

While porcelain has received a reputation for being fairly fragile (mostly coming from people confusing porcelain with its "china” counterpart), the truth is that it’s in fact up to 30% stronger than granite – which is one of the hardest stones on Earth. While stones such as granite and marble are naturally occurring rocks found in the ground, porcelain is man-made, comprising of several elements including clay and feldspar heated to a temperature of 1200 to 1400 degrees Celsius, giving it its extra durability.
If you like porcelain but aren’t a fan of the bright white look, fear not. With advancements in technology, porcelain can be created in virtually any colour, including life-like wood print, making it an excellent choice to replace that old wooden floor with a product that retains beauty and eliminates the need for expensive upgrades in the future.
Speak with a reputable distributor to discover how a porcelain slab in Toronto can be fashioned into a life-long piece of elegance for your home today!